Infusionsoft Virtual Academy- Day 1

The Infusionsoft Virtual Academy is a three day training for folks who use Infusionsoft. Here’s my notes from the first day.

81% of buyers buy after the 5th contact, but 48% of sellers stop after the 1st contact.

But this means you need to have a plan to deliver good, non-repeating content for 5+ contacts.

1 ebook is not enough, nor is one free sample.

And notes about how cool you are don’t count. After Infusioncon 2012 I signed up for a variety of people’s free stuff, and perhaps half of them are delivering actual value.

The tool of automated followup in Infusionsoft is not the same thing as delivering value nor is it the same thing as good marketing.


Nothing in Infusionsoft should be done that does not connect with a goal. This is key for automation. And goals need to be related to tags. And the sequences depend on the goals being met.


He suggests as a utility to resize image files.


The drag and drop email builder can guess what color scheme you can use based on your header image. Sweet!

From my initial playing around with the web form builder, I’m pleased with the investment in the software.