Infusionsoft Summer 2012 release and what it means for you

Today Jordan Hatch announced features in the soon-to-be-released Summer upgrade to Infusionsoft. Here are the ones I feel are most relevant:

1. You can now set a sequence to stop when a goal coming off of it is met, or to keep going. This is a vast improvement over the current “only have one email in a sequence and build many goals off every sequence” way I’ve been doing things.

2. You can tell a goal that it can only be reached from inside a campaign, or that it can be reached from anywhere. Say you have a goal in the middle of a campaign that your monthly email subscription tag is applied. Now you can tell it that that goal ONLY gets met from inside the campaign, and no one outside the campaign will be brought into the campaign accidentally. Yes, Infusionsoft should have already had this functionality, but at least they are getting to it now, right?

3. Two new marketing reports. Campaign Contacts and Contact Goal Completion will give us much more awareness of what people are doing in our campaigns.

4. A new goal method- HTTP post. I’ll be using this shortly to automate signing up clients to WishListMember for a membership site I help manage.

5. You can copy forms and landing pages. No more duplicating forms for hours on end. This actually puts some projects higher up on my queue as it shaves hours off how long they will take.

To see which version you have, look at the numbers on the very bottom of your Infusionsoft dashboard. It will be in the form When the second number is 26, you have the new release.

Overall I expect this release to save me hours a week and enable me to deliver better value to my clients. Thanks Infusionsoft!

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