How to schedule event notification emails in Infusionsoft

A client wants to send out an intro email when someone signs up for an event, and then send a reminder just before the class. Here’s how we did that.

How to sequence event emails in Infusionsoft

First off, write your introduction email. Tag that you’ve sent it. Outside this sequence is where you’ll put click goals related to contacts clicking in the email.

Then decide when you want your reminder email to go out. You can’t use Infusionsoft to schedule an email to go out X days before an event, but you can set it to a specific day and month.

Write your reminder email, tag that you sent it, and you are good to go.

BUT WAIT: if you leave your campaigns going, that same email will go out again one year from now. Infusionsoft won’t let you schedule the year.

So once this campaign is over, you either need to come back in and remove whatever is leading people to this sequence and then republish the campaign, or you need to unpublish and delete it.

Thanks to Jordan Hatch who told me how to do this.

If you have questions about this process, drop me a line.