One question to help you decide what to work on right now

You have far more potential projects (and partially completed but currently stalled ones) than you can work on right now.

To decide what to focus on this week, consider the three areas you could be working in:

1. Get more leads

2. Convert more leads

3. Increase the total value of clients

In which area are you weakest?

If it’s getting more leads, then work on bringing more people to your site and providing them enough value that they leave their contact information with you.

To convert more, focus on your product/service offerings and your sales process.

Increase the total value of clients by paying more attention to the relationship you are creating with them through post-sale followup, upsells, and long term relationship possibilities. Are you sharing with your clients a way that, by being repeat customers, they can get more and more value over time?

If you can’t decide which area you are weakest in, no worries. Start at the end of the process first. Improve your follow up after a sale. Offer more buying opportunities. Consider a membership site, or offering more content through your membership site to increase long term value to your clients.

Other things being equal, the more focused business wins. Good luck!