Instructions for your Infusionsoft Affiliates

I was writing up instructions for a client’s affiliates on how to work with the Infusionsoft portal, so I figured I’d share those notes here.


Dear Affiliates,

We’re all getting used to our new affiliate portal, so let me break it down for you.

Here’s some questions you are asking with answers on how to find your info fast.

How much have I made this month?
Look under the header Reports on the left navigation and click on My Ledger. This will pop up a window to tell you how much you’ve made this month.

How many people are clicking my affiliate link?
Under Reports on the left hand navigation, click on Link Tracking Stats. Hits means how many people clicked your link, Opt-Ins means how many people got added to our system as a result of your link. Orders means money changed hands. Note that someone could come in on your affiliate link for one even and end up buying at a different event. If you’re set up as an affiliate for both events, you’ll still get credit.

What did people actually buy through my link?
Under Reports on the left had nav, click on Products Sold. This shows you how may products you’ve sold in a given time period.

How much do I get per sale?
You typically get 50% of a recordings or transcripts purchase when it comes through your affiliate link, and 50% of your speaker product (regardless of who the buyer’s affiliate is). To see a full breakdown, go to the left nav under Home and click on My Commission Structure. There’s a lot of data here, but you can find out exactly how much you make on each kind of sale through your affiliate code.

What do these different affiliate links you’ve given me mean?
Each event has its own link. When paired with your unique affiliate code, this lets us know just what is happening during the event. To see what each code means, go to the left navigation under the header Resources and click on Link Generator. You’ll see all of your affiliate links and the events they are attached to. NOTE: we recommend turning these in to links when using them in social media so that they don’t break and you don’t get credit for a sale.