Infusioncon 2012: too much good stuff

I’m back from Infusioncon 2012 with many ideas worth implementing right now.

The biggest idea I got was how much of marketing and sales can be completely automated so that, by the time you actually speak to a prospect or client, they are thoroughly educated and warmed to your product or service.

I’m sold on Infusionsoft and will be digging deep into the app in the coming weeks. My plan A was to go to their Infusionsoft Certified Consultant training in June, but turns out that you have to have used Infusionsoft for a year before you can go to that training. So I’ll study hard and implement all I can for my one Infusionsoft client, Linda Keith CPA, and look for more clients already using the app.

The Infusionites like to say that if you do a thing more than three times in a day, it can be automated. Sounds good!