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Increase your income and your impact.

​I help business owners grow in revenue and influence through affordable business coaching.​

​What Best Describes You?


​PlusThis User

​You use PlusThis' 50+ tools to supercharge your CRM.


Infusionsoft User

You use Infusionsoft to manage your business.

Infusionsoft Certified Consultant


​You serve clients using Infusionsoft.

​Wellness Entrepreneur

​You help people live healthier lives.

​Where Brian Speaks

​Your 3-Step Plan

Step 1

Book ​Free 20-Minute Call

​Discover where you should focus your energy.

Step 2

​Build Your IMPACT Plan

​Clarify what you need to do to increase your impact including prioritizing what to do first.

Step 3

​Enjoy increased IMPACT

​By following your customized IMPACT plan you'll grow your revenue while fulfilling your calling.

​When You Fulfill Your Calling

You inspire people with your message.

​Your platform​ drives people to immediate action that leads to long term change.

​Your audience becomes your tribe as you bring value to their lives and their big changes make the world a better place.

​If You Don't Try

​You continue feeling frustrated because you aren't having the impact you want.

Your audience doesn't receive the full value of your gift so their lives don't improve.

The suffering of the world continues unabated.

You feel guilty because you aren't using your gift to help as many people as possible.

Worst of all, nothing changes- not for you, not for your audience, not for the world.

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I can help.

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​What Clients Say

​Wardee Harmon

​Traditional Cooking School

Brian knows his way around Infusionsoft plus he's kind, fast, and helpful.

It's a pleasure to work with him and benefit from his expertise!

​Laura Posey

​Simple Success Plans

Brian is amazing. He really gets us and makes incredible recommendations that we can build ourselves.

He is also ready and able to build something when we need him to.

He is super-responsive and flexible. We will be working together for a long time!

​Keith Shapiro

​Exodus Marketing

In speaking to Brian it's evident that he has the ability to see things on many levels at once.

As we talked about how Red Beard can help our business, even on the free consult, I learned things from our discussion that I hadn't thought of and probably never would have.

His analytical approach and process in each subject we discussed was focused and with intention and it's clear that he knows exactly what he's doing.

To call Brian a wizard or a master is a little bit of an understatement.

I would describe him as a true professional and it would do you and your company an enormous service by bringing Red Beard Consulting in.

​Carmen Sognonvi

​Top Flight Family

Brian was really helpful when I needed to figure out the back-end tech for a new course I was launching.

He walked me through the different membership software solutions, gave me pros and cons of each, and was very knowledgeable when it came to giving me insider tips to keep in mind.

Not only does he know the software well, but he's a marketing guy so understands the bigger strategy too!

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