I got my start in the speaking business by licking stamps for my mother’s program flyers. $0.01 per 2 stamps- that’s a lot of money when you are five years old.

Eventually I was trusted enough to put together Mom’s course certificates. And then to help keep the database clean (every teenager’s dream job, right?)

My youth was punctuated by NSA Northwest Christmas parties and having other speakers stay at our house when visiting Washington state.

Fast forward- with college and a couple of years at an internet marketing agency under my belt, I decided to start an internet marketing consultancy focused on the Speaking profession.

If you are a speaker, and you have internet marketing challenges, I want to help.

Some of my clients include 2008 NSA President Sam Silverstein and my Mom. Ahem, I mean 2008-2014 NSA National Board Member Linda Keith CPA.

So I care a lot about speakers and helping them win. And I care a lot about working with people who are doing good work. Sam teaches about Accountability. Linda helps bankers make better loans. When they do more business, our whole society benefits.

So if you are a speaker, I encourage you to contact me and let’s chat about how my consultancy can help you get more leads and more sales.