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Brian Keith

​Brian Keith
Infusionsoft Certified Consultant

​You want ​to grow your company.

That means more sales, less time doing repetitive tasks, and a smarter automation strategy that makes life easy.

I've helped clients do that since 2012.

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Here's what ​people say about me.

Colleague Jermaine Griggs Founder, AutomationClinic.com

Skill Level That Is Unparalleled


There are Infusionsoft Certified Consultants and then there is Brian Keith.

He brings a creativity and skill level that is unparalleled.

If you want a glorified user, Brian is overqualified.

If you want real solutions and creative innovation, he's your man.

Carmen Sognonvi Top Flight Family

Understands The Bigger Strategy


Brian was really helpful when I needed to figure out the back-end tech for a new course I was launching.

He walked me through the different membership software solutions, gave me pros and cons of each, and was very knowledgeable when it came to giving me insider tips to keep in mind.

I'd definitely recommend him if you're looking for an Infusionsoft consultant.

Not only does he know the software well, but he's a marketing guy so understands the bigger strategy too!

Erin Verbeck Joy of Marketing

Never A Shortage Of Ideas


Brian never has a shortage of ideas!

I appreciated brainstorming advanced strategies in our business with automation and his team's willingness to help us execute on short timeframes and tough deadlines.

Charles E. Gaudet II Business Growth Coach

I Highly Endorse Brian Keith


Brian brings A LOT more than highly skilled Infusionsoft integration and automation...

He's continually finding ways to add value to the relationship from ingenious marketing strategies, creative copywriting ideas to connecting like-minded individuals.

Without hesitation or reservation, I highly endorse Brian Keith.

Andrew Douglas The Piper's Dojo

His Results Are Awe-Inspiring


I was blown away when Brian started helping brainstorm possible avenues for my small business (we're a bagpipe company) to take with Infusionsoft.

Not to mention, implementation of these ideas (which is the hardest part) was no obstacle at all. His knowledge, experience, and results are awe-inspiring indeed!

Bill Harrison Radio-TV Interview Report

The Infusionsoft McGyver


Brian really knows his stuff when it comes to Infusionsoft.

In fact, I've nick-named him the "Infusionsoft McGyver" because he's particularly skilled at coming up with workarounds and novel ways to do things others (including Infusionsoft's tech support) have told me can't be done.

Just had a great consult with him in which on the fly he invented some solutions to a couple of problems I have.


Omer Redden Self-Publishing School

Efficient, Kind, And A True Professional


Efficient, kind, and a true professional. Brian knows his stuff!

Sam Silverstein, CSP NSA President 2008-2009

A Great Listener


Brian gets it. He has great ideas but he is also a great listener.

I like it when a service provider doesn't just try to shove their cookie-cutter ideas into our business. Brian takes the time to understand what we do, what we need and where our comfort levels are.

He executes our ideas and contributes ideas of his own. I only wish that all of the service providers I worked with were as conscientious and easy to work with as Brian and his team.

David Arriaga

An Infusionsoft Master


Brian is an Infusionsoft master able to take my campaign I am trying to complete and give me some incredible tips and pointers that will turn this into a killer campaign.

Wardee Harmon Traditional Cooking School

Kind, Fast, and Helpful


Brian knows his way around Infusionsoft plus he's kind, fast, and helpful.

It's a pleasure to work with him and benefit from his expertise!

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